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This site is dedicated to my Bü Pierssen tracks and DJ Mixes. My own tracks are at the top of this page, these are productions I've put together using Cubase and Soundforge. I always think up a new name for the artist with my tracks but the stuff featured on this site are my own productions. The DJ mixes are just below the tracks, the last one I uploaded was a mix of quirky tunes I'd been enjoying throughout 2018, I've called it Automata. There are two sides to my DJing at the moment, the progressive stuff I play for myself; it's Disco edits and Nu Disco when I play out.


Ominous Rhyme - Last Soul

I've just finished a Drum 'n' Bass track called Last Soul which I created in homage to the 'ONIT' nights at Middlesbrough Arena (UK) back in the mid 90's; cool, dark and a bit scary! Uploaded .

Drumtalk - UP!

Disco-funk meets The Chemical Brothers in this soulful slice of Tech-House. This was put together using the sounds of the Arturia iSem app for the iPad, which is an emulation of the legendary 1974 Oberheim SEM analogue synthesizer. I got this one played on the BBC Tees Introducing show. This one was uploaded on the .

The Poum - Swear Down

A chilled-out, vocal house track I made with my imaginary band, The Poum. In my opinion this is my best track since I started sequencing again with Cubase. This one also got played on BBC Tees Introducing and it was uploaded on the .


It may have taken a while, but when I got back back up and running with Cubase, this was the first track I produced after a 13 year hiatus! The drums and most of the synth sounds are taken from the iMS20 iPad app which is a digital recreation of the Korg MS20 analogue synthesiser. This was uploaded on the

DJ Mixes


An eclectic mix of left-field, deep and progressive tracks; goes 'chill-out' for the final 15. Uploaded 11 November 2018.

enlightened 13

A mix of some favourites from over the summer, uploaded 22 September 2018

Souled Out

An hour of my set at the 'Souled Out' night at The Twisted Lip in Middlesbrough, Saturday 08 September 2018

enlightened 12

Starts off all Balearic with the sound of the waves lapping the shore before moving onto some old sounding House tracks, plenty of pianos not so many vocals. As usual gets progressively chunkier as we get deeper into the mix until we're old-school raving with the new Tiger Stripes tune before rounding things off with Mella Dee's epic Techno Disco Tool. Enjoy!

On a technical note, quite a few of these tracks are in uncompressed aiff and wav formats and the mix was recorded as a wav. Additional editing was done in my new Sound Forge, having recently upgraded from the 1990's version 4.5 to the 21st century version 11! The finished hour was uploaded to Mixcloud as an m4a file; which is Apple lossless compression. Hopefully this should mean an increase in overall sound quality. The cover photo was snapped out of the window on the flight back from Tenerife. Uploaded 6 May 2018.


Smashed it this time, starts off all cool and understated, gets nice and chunky in the middle and we're dancing on the table by the end. Uploaded 2 February 2018.


Vocal cuts, disco dubs and deep house. I've gone totally disco and the temperature increases as the mix progresses. Personally, I think I've saved the best 'til last but I'll let you be the judge! OK, I'm off to find some new tunage so enjoy and all being well, I'll be back at the end of the summer with another lovingly-picked collection. Uploaded 1 June 2017.

Mix Archive

Old Tracks

I've uploaded some of my own tracks to Soundcloud and you can listen to a few of them below. This lot are from around 2001 but I have been working on some new material, please see the top of this page.

My favourite out of the old tunes has to be Conceptions of time,

also on Youtube. I put this together using Cubase 3.7 to sequence the sounds of the Yamaha CS2X.

Another favourite is The Energy - which uses the chords from the 1990 hit Then by The Charlatans.

Escape from Earth

Have a go of this little game that I put together in scratch. Set over 2 levels, the aim is to collect enough stars to send the robot back to his home galaxy. Please make sure you've got the sound turned on, the use of music and sound effects is the best part of the game! The keys are Spacebar to start, then it's just the Left, Right and Up arrow keys to move.

The table below details the excellent tracks I've sampled for this game:

Track Artist Album Year In Game
Commodore Rock Ladytron 604 2001 Welcome screen
Song of Life Leftfield Leftism 1995 Level one
Koma Plastikman Sheet one 1993 Level two
Shadowboxing Doc Scott Shadowboxing E.P. 1996 Game Over screen
My weakness Moby Play 1999 Game complete screen

Many thanks